Patrick Hutchinson


Patrick Hutchinson brings more than 30 years’ experience in structural integrity and alignment to his leadership at Brilliant Rack. As founder of Cantsink in 1988, he created a patented, certified helical pier now widely used in the construction industry. When Cantsink became a net-zero facility with solar energy in 2007, he recognized the opportunity to apply this important engineering experience to the needs of an emerging market. After working successfully with solar installers and developers from 2010 on, he formed Brilliant Rack in 2014 to focus on solar products and installation. Since then, Brilliant Rack has provided solar equipment and services in 47 U.S. states

Philip Slemons

Professional Engineer

Philip Slemons has been working in structural engineering for 40 years. In addition to ICC licenses in Commercial and Residential Building Inspection and Residential, Mechanical and Plumbing Inspection, he is 1B certified in soil erosion control. He has extensive experience in designing footings, solar panel piling and other solar project requirements. A graduate of Georgia Tech University, Philips is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and is a registered professional engineer in 16 U.S. states.

Lester Salinas

Professional Engineer

Lester Salinas has been working with Brilliant Rack’s parent company, Cantsink, since 2006. A 2003 graduate of Nicaragua’s National University of Engineering, he has experience in municipal mapping applications and construction management. In 2010, he began working with solar design and has continued his experience with many of Georgia’s earliest and largest ground-mounted, utility-scale projects. His training includes specialized solar installation instruction. Brilliant Rack includes designs for footings and PV foundations among other requirements. Now, he designs solar installations from the ground up, including solar monitoring, PVsyst software solar production estimates and One-Line diagram design.

Sharon Lee

Marketing Director

Sharon Lee serves as Marketing Director for Brilliant Rack. She began working with its parent company in February 2010 managing company marketing efforts, but she also provides business development support. Sharon oversaw the company’s launch into the solar market in 2014 and has been instrumental in fostering it growth. Prior to Cantsink and Brilliant Rack, she held a variety of sales and sales management positions in media, printing and marketing development. She has been a member of the Georgia Solar Energy Association since 2011 and a board member since 2012, serving as Marketing Chair, Programs Chair, Vice Chair and 2015-16 Chair. She is also a member of Women in Solar Energy (WISE) and a Charter Member of the Professional Women in Construction chapter of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders’ Association.

Julianne Bernstein

Director of Business Development

Julianne Bernstein, Brilliant Rack’s Director of Business Development, has extensive experience in numerous aspects of solar development and finance. She is well-versed in the due diligence necessary for solar developments including financial modeling, alternative valuation analysis, transaction risk analysis, financing options, bid preparation and deal term negotiation. Before joining the Brilliant Rack team in 2015, Julianne worked with Shoals Technologies and SoloPower Systems. She built relationships with state government, county and city council to foster a 400 MW expansion for a facility that included approximately $40 million in incentives and also was heavily involved in securing a $197-million dollar loan guarantee from the DOE. A graduate of the University of Kansas with a B.S. in Finance and International Business, she also holds a B.S. degree in the same concentration from the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Dara Macias

Director of Sales

Dara Macias joined Brilliant Rack’s parent company, Cantsink, in 2011 as Communications Manager. Prior to Cantsink, Dara had over four years of success in the renewable energy sector working with clients including Intel, McDonald’s and Cisco. She was able to take her experience and grow the solar division at Cantsink where she helped with the Cantsink installation for Georgia’s first utility-scale solar project. Currently, as the Director of Sales, Dara assisted in launching Brilliant Rack along with the inverter and transformer pad support stability solution. In the past few years, this niche has grown to over 150 MW installed. Dara’s role is to currently support new and current customers at Cantsink. She graduated cum laude from the of the University of Georgia with a degree in Broadcast News and today resides in Nashville, TN.