Brilliant Rack’s Xpress Mount Technology Innovation Saves Time and Money

Learn more at the upcoming Solar Power International conference

Atlanta, GA (Sept. 7, 2016) – Brilliant Rack is introducing its innovative Xpress Mount Technology at Booth #3127 during Solar Power International, September 12-15, in Las Vegas.

Brilliant Rack’s Xpress Mount reengineers the way panels are installed in the field.   The Xpress Mount system makes it possible to pre-load cassettes with as many as 14 panels, which can then be lifted into place and secured in minutes. This method is significantly faster than the standard panel mounting process. By simplifying how panels are attached to the rack, installers can reduce construction time and costs up to 30% compared to other options in the marketplace.

Time is money and profit margins are razor-thin in the solar industry. Xpress Mount Technology enables this significant reduction in construction costs. Project success hinges upon installing the system faster and minimizing overall costs.  Brilliant Rack speeds up the installation with its Xpress Mount technology and adds an unprecedented offering among racking manufacturers. Brilliant Rack is the only company offering a No Change Order price guarantee.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Brilliant Rack, said implementing these two concepts shows how the company values the best interests of its partners. “Brilliant Rack understands how important budget restraint is to project success and how change orders can disrupt cash flow,” he said. “We want to help our customers keep their projects financially strong. Our customers want to secure pricing for materials without surprise change orders down the road and we are doing everything in our power to help ensure the success of our customers.”

Brilliant Rack was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Cantsink LLC, a leader in commercial and residential foundation engineering and manufacturing, and named Solar Power World’s Top Commercial Solar Contractor in 2016. Leveraging more than 30 years of construction and foundation expertise, Brilliant Rack has supplied more than 100 MW of solar racking to date and installed more than 200 MW of foundations for solar projects. The company is based in Lilburn, GA, and all its products are manufactured in the USA. Visit Brilliant Rack at Booth #3127 during SPI or online at for more information.

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Brilliant Rack Offers New “No Change Orders” Price Guarantee

Atlanta, GA (July 18, 2016)– Solar racking and pile manufacturer Brilliant Rack is launching its brand new pricing guarantee that offers EPCs and developers welcome relief from installation change orders.

With just these three elements of project information, Brilliant Rack now can provide a quote for solar racking and piles guaranteed not to change during installation:

  • Geotechnical analysis of soil, terrain and moisture
  • Site details and location where racking and piles will be installed
  • Tilt angle for solar panels

Price stability is important to solar projects, where budget margins are essential to a successful installation. With Brilliant Rack’s new price guarantee, budget control gets easier. Racking and piles won’t generate any change orders.

Brilliant Rack is the only racking company offering this price guarantee. Already a leading supplier of high-quality, customized solar racking and piles, Brilliant Rack now extends its commitment to unsurpassed customer service with its price guarantee.

Patrick Hutchinson, president of Brilliant Rack, said this is just one more way the company can partner with its customers to ensure its top quality products won’t come with any unknowns.

“Brilliant Rack understands how important budget restraint is to project success, and how change orders can disrupt cash flow,” he said. “So, in addition to providing our durable, customized racking and piles, we want to help our customers keep their projects financially strong and secure.”

Brilliant Rack also can offer customers geotechnical analysis services from its expert engineers if they prefer. These experienced professionals can test soil, moisture, terrain and climate conditions for rack and pile designs that will ensure each installation enjoys maximum durability and effective generation for the life of the project.

Brilliant Rack provides solar racking and foundation solutions for ground-mount solar projects. As foundation experts, the company partners with customers to design and deliver the perfect solution to ensure the structural integrity of their solar projects based on specific site conditions. Easy-to-install, fixed-tilt racking solutions from Brilliant Rack simplify and accelerate installation – drastically reducing costs and ensuring long-term performance.

Successful solar installations start with Brilliant Rack’s durable foundations. For more information, visit It’s simply smarter.


Cantsink Manufacturing Announces Brilliant Rack (September 15, 2014)

Lilburn, GA – Cantsink Manufacturing announces the next turnkey solution with their new fixed tilt, ground-mounted Brilliant Rack. As Brilliant Rack may be new to the market, Cantsink Manufacturing is not new to the solar industry. After over 40 MW installed, Cantsink received consistent feedback to launch a turnkey solution. They have finally released Brilliant Rack to the market, which was designed with speed and simplicity in mind.

Cantsink’s President, Patrick Hutchinson, said, “We saw the need for a product that kept it easy in the field and cost competitive in the market. Our history is in construction, and we wanted to design a mounting system that kept the ease of installation in mind first to save time and reduce headaches.”

The efficiency of the mounting system starts with the attention to detail in the design. For example, Brilliant Rack contains only two bolts and all the nuts and washers are the same size. The majority of racks on the market have multiple bolt sizes and a multitude of connection pieces, which can be a challenge to keep up with on the job site.

Brilliant Rack is manufactured in the USA, and complies with all domestic production requirements. It was designed for velocity containing fewer components and pre-panelization, which will speed up module installation by up to 50 percent.

With a 3-axis tolerance, the mounting system has a maximum east to west grade up to 10 degrees for flexibility with the topography. This is double the range over most mounting systems in the market. The z-purlin provides for built-in wire management, which also contributes to the speed of installation. It is hot dipped galvanized with a wide flange beam, in lieu of a rolled form shape-provides for additional strength and longevity.

Brilliant Rack already has a demand in the market in the Southeast with over 9 MW being installed in Georgia in the upcoming months. This coming October, they will be launching their display at Solar Power International in Las Vegas.

Cantsink Ranks 37th in the Top 400 Solar Contractors (August 14, 2014)

Cantsink Manufacturing ranked 37 out of 400 contractors on Solar Power World’s Annual Top Contractors List. This is the second year Cantsink landed on the list after installing over 50 MW of solar projects.

Cantsink’s President, Patrick Hutchinson, said, “We are honored to be associated with the best contractors in the solar industry. Cantsink has come a long way in the past five years in the solar industry. Solar has developed into a great sector for us, and it has allowed for us to expand our scope of business as well as add jobs. We look forward to seeing it grow even further.”

Solar companies on the list are ranked according to their influence in the solar market in 2013. The list has expanded from the top 250 contractors last year to the top 400 contractors due to the expansion of the solar industry.

A few of Cantsink’s 50 MW projects include a 16 MW project in Camilla, GA providing helical piles; a 3 MW solar in Woodbury, GA, and a 1 MW in Woodland, GA using driven piles. Cantsink added on a driven pile option to their foundation options in 2013. Next, they will be launching a ground-screw option for the complete foundation package.

Cantsink manufactures multiple foundation options and provides foundation installation, racking assembly, and modules installation. In addition, they offer in-house engineering services including site analysis, geotechnical testing, and erosion control. Since 1988, Cantsink has been a limited general contractor, which they leverage in the field to provide fast and durable results to the solar world.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for 2MW Project in Seminole County (December, 2014)

December 11, 2014 – A ribbon cutting ceremony took place for the completion of a 2-MW solar project in Donalsonville, GA. The celebration strated at 9 AM and snack and coffee are provided to guests. Sharon Lee from Cantsink, Dakin Spain from Office of Solar Development and Jack Hachmann with Washington Gas spoke at the event.

Sharon Lee, Director of Marketing at Cantsink, said, “It was a pleasure to work with such a progressive county that sees the many benefits of having a solar project in their community. The project required no roads or infrastructure for the county to undertake and yet the county will receive tax dollars for years to come. An exciting win-win!”

The solar project is one of the 210 MW awarded under the GA Power’s ASI program. Office of Solar Development is the developer of the project, Radiance Solar performed the electrical work, and Cantsink Manufacturing performed all of the engineering, procurement and construction. The installation is a ground-mounted system composed of the Brilliant Rack fixed tilt ground-mounting solution and more than 6,000 solar panels. The project will be owned and operated by Washington Gas Energy Systems under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Georgia Power, and is expected to produce over 3,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

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Washington Gas Energy Systems Celebrates Completion of Solar Projects Totaling More Than 15 Megawatts in Georgia

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Washington Gas Energy Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of WGL (NYSE: WGL) today announced the completion of 20 solar projects, totaling more than 15 megawatts, that will produce renewable energy for Georgia Power. The company held ribbon cutting ceremonies at their sites in Donalsonville and Richland, Ga. on Thursday, Dec. 11, and another event in Greenville, Ga. on Friday, Dec. 12.

“These projects significantly increase renewable energy capacity in the state through the Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative,” said Sanjiv Mahan, chief operating officer of Washington Gas Energy Systems. “We commend this program for spurring economic growth in the solar energy industry while reducing the carbon impact of Georgia Power customers, and look forward to completing more projects through this partnership with our diversified offerings across the energy eco-system.”

All of the solar arrays will be owned and operated by Washington Gas Energy Systems under 20-year Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) with Georgia Power. The project in Donalsonville is a 2-megawatt ground-mounted system composed of more than 6,000 solar panels, and is expected to produce more than 3,000-MW hours of electricity annually. The project was developed by Office of Solar Development and all engineering, procurement and construction was performed by Cantsink Manufacturing.

The Greenville project is a 1-megawatt ground-mounted solar away at the Meriwether County Industrial Development Authority. It is composed of more than 3,000 solar panels and expected to produce more than 1,500-MW hours of electricity per year. Engineering, procurement and construction was managed by Hannah Solar.

In Richland, the 1-megawatt solar project consists of more than 7,000 solar panels and is expected to produce more than 1,500 megawatt hours of electricity per year. The project was developed by Inman Solar in collaboration with the City of Richland and the Richland Development Authority.

Other Washington Gas Energy Systems projects under construction in Georgia include sites located in Montezuma and Homer, each sized at 1-megawatt. All projects are expected to be completed by February 2015.